Soak your weary bones in the RotoVegas Motel geothermally heated outdoor swimming pool after a hard day seeing the local sights or tearing up the mountain bike tracks of the Redwood Forest.

Mother nature supplies the geothermal heat to keep our pool at 37 degrees from just over 100m below your feet. We use tap water to fill our pool which means their are no health concerns with putting your head under water.

The RotoVegas Motel swimming pool is not the biggest pool in town but its definitely one of the hottest and provides endless fun for all the family.

After your swim you can dry off in the Hot Room or sit in their and enjoy the radiant heat.

If your mountain biking or doing activities in Rotorua after you have checked out and need a shower before the drive home then please feel free to use our shower facilities free of charge. Towels can be hired from reception for $2.00.


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